Midnight Coffee Preview is a regular platform to present new and previously un-exhibited artworks.

Initiated out of a desire and need for deadlines, MCP promotes artists to air recent developments in their practice and to receive developmental critique from peers in an informal setting, away from the usual pressures of exhibition making. Each preview begins at midnight and continues until the last visitor has left or fallen asleep …

MCP is initiated by G. Leddington and Ben Van den Berghe


Nov 23 2013: Marion Benoit

dHCS Stipendium, Walzwerkstraße 14, 40599 Düsseldorf

Feb 25 2013: Ryan Rivadeneyra

Monday's bar at HISK, Charles de Kerchovelaan 187a , Ghent, Belgium


Van Immerseelstraat 11, Antwerp, Belgium


Berberisstraat 16, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Feb 18 2012: Ben van den Berghe

Pulpa, Carrer de Lleida, 45, Barcelona, Spain

Dec 09 2011: How to stay awake

Zendelingenstraat 38A, Antwerp, Belgium

Oct 22 2011: Warre Mulder

Boerhaavestraat 58, Antwerp, Belgium

Aug 27 2011: Yiannis Papadopoulos

Lovelingstraat 2, Antwerp, Belgium

Aug 05 2011: HELENE CLAES

Mechelsesteenweg 59, Antwerp, Belgium

Jul 16 2011: Gert Thierens

Haantjeslei 60-66, Antwerp, Belgium

Jul 08 2011: Koen Sels

Bothastraat 57, Antwerp, Belgium

May 21 2011: David Price

Extra City (Attic), Tulpstraat 79, Antwerp, Belgium

May 07 2011: Veronik Willems/Sophie Anson

Bothastraat 57, Antwerp, Belgium

Apr 02 2011: Alwin Lay

Marsiliusstrasse 55, Cologne, Germany

Mar 12 2011: Tom Fritz

Sint-Pietersplein 7, Ghent, Belgium

Feb 18 2011: G. Leddington

HISK, Charles de Kerchovelaan 187a , Ghent, Belgium

Jan 15 2011: Tomas Boiy

Van Campstraat 20-22, Antwerp, Belgium

Dec 09 2010: Maurice Carlin/Oscar Hugal

Gijzelaarsstraat 12, Antwerp, Belgium

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